Example of effects of climate change on the UK

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  • Example of effects of climate change on the UK
    • People
      • 330,000 properties at risk of flooding.
      • Village communities may need to be abandoned - flooding.
      • Increased pressure on health service.
      • 27-59 million people affected by water deficits by 2050's.
      • Spread of new diseases - being able to survive hot climate.
    • Alternative geographical future
      • Coastal communities need to relocate.
      • people may need to pay increased taxes to NHS.
      • Change in crops may lead to farmers to prosper
        • some may go out of business.
      • Increased frequency of stroms - lead to flood and wind damage.
    • Environment
      • Milder and wetter winter weather.
      • A higher frequency of storms.
      • Increased risk of flooding.
      • Extreme wet winters are 5x more likely in the next 100 years.
      • Warmer, drier summers - heatwaves = droughts.
      • Species of animals may migrate.
        • great emphasis put on land-zoning.
    • Economy
      • Drier summers - increase income through tourism.
      • Economic cost of flood damage predicted to increase to £27 billion by 2080.
      • Rise in insurance premiums.
      • Increased food prices.
      • New crops - oranges can be grown in UK.


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