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  • Exercise
    • Aerobic exercises
      • Walking
      • Running
      • Jogging
      • Swimming
      • Increases blood flow to the muscles
      • Improves cardiovascular fitnesss
      • Increases stamina
    • Balance exercises
      • Tai chi
      • Heel to toe walking
      • Standing on one foot
      • Improved coordination skills
      • Increased reaction times
      • Joint stability
      • Improved agility
    • Flexibility exercises
      • Yoga
      • Stretches- Dynamic stretches, Static stretches
      • Increased level of mobility
      • Dance
      • Lengthen and strengthen muscles
    • Strength exercises
      • Using your on weight- push ups
      • Lifting weights
      • Using a resistance band
      • Increased strength and toning of muscles
        • Which can provide a certain level of protection for joints from injury
      • Increased weight management- better muscle to fat ratio




Many women believe that losing weight is challenging and most difficult task. If you want to reach your goal then you must requires constant monitoring. If you achieve your goal once then you should constantly keep practicing exercise to keep it that way. Losing weight is not easy. There is some wrong information on ways to lose weight quickly. But later you need to pay for it. You will surely face some problems. Here in this article you can read simple weight loss tips. The article is from exercise to diet. It will definitely help you shed kilos the right way.

You can try for cardiovascular exercises. This exercise not only helps lose weight, it can also help you keep your heart healthier. If you do this exercise on regular basis, you can shed kilos by burning calories that you have consumed. Just practicing 30 minutes of cardiovascular workout every day is a good idea. It will definitely help you keep in shape. If your goal is losing weight then you need to do more exercises.

Swimming is also one of the best works out for you. It can help you become slimmer and tunes your body. Running is also a good cardio vascular exercise. This can help you lose weight. Running is good to improve heart rate up. Another tip is to try out cycling. This is an easy and economic way to lose weight. It will help you get perfectly tuned leg.

Cardio exercise is necessary. There are many ignore the significance of weight training, when it comes to weight loss. Weight training will mainly work on building your muscles. Many women think that doing weights will make them look bulky. Do not worry about it women cannot look as muscular as men due to their hormones. If you are interested go for weight training when you are planned to lose weight. Source

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