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  • Experiments
      • Validity
        • How true to life
      • Representativeness
        • the extent to which the data and sample reflect the research population
          • they want to make generalisations
            • Generally not representative as small sample
              • time consuming and costly
          • social charact. of the same pop. are in the same ratios
      • Effectiveness
        • l
    • LAB Experiments
      • controlled conditions
        • Not natural environement
          • do not replicate real life and how people behave normally
            • E.g. Stanford and Milgram
      • Hawthorne Effect
        • people behave differently when they are being watch ed
          • Social desirability
      • Counsciousness and free will
        • humans are qualitatively different to the subject matter of natural sciences
          • they have consciousness and free will
            • choose how to respond in situations
        • response to external stimuli is usually predicable- humans aren't like this
    • Positivist
      • Questionnaire, structured overview
        • structured interviews
          • official stats
      • Natural setting
        • not often aware they are part of experiment
          • researcher manipulates variables to see effect
            • E.g. Rosenthal and Jacobsen
              • Pygmalion in the Classroom
                • teacher expectations had effect on pupils achievement
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