Understand employer organisations

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  • Explain the use of different models of analysis in understanding the organisational environment
    • SWOT Analysis: supports business planning: understanding a situation and decision making
      • Strengths: what the organisation is good at, what is going well ( Brand image, market growth, good customer service)
      • Weaknesses, need to improve, changes
      • Opportunities: new markets, new products, new customers, new technology
        • Threats: new competitors, increase cost of new raw materials, increase in costs, increase in taxes
    • PESTLE Analysis: Examines each factor to assess what the impact or potential impact will be on the organisation
      • Political: Taxes, VAT rates
      • Economic: inflation rates, foreign exchange rates, interest rates: effect on supply and demand
      • Social: high/low employment, culture, age demographic,gender
      • Technological: be up to date, cost of new equipment/methods, staff training, web developments
      • Legal: new sector legislation affecting manufacturing costs, meeting standards
        • Environmental: recycling, ethical implications, carbon footprint, sources of timber, contribution of organisation to community, ecological influences, regulations


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