explanations of forgetting (being worked on)

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  • Explanations For Forgetting
    • Interference
      • Forgetting because one memory blocks another, causing one or both memories to be forgotten/distorted
        • PROACTIVE INTERFERENCE - forgetting occurs when older memories, already stored, distort the recall of newer memories
        • RETROACTIVE INTERFERENCE- forgetting occurs when newer memories disrupt the recall of older already stored memories.
        • The Degree of forgetting is always greater when the memories are similar
          • Retrieval  Failure
            • This is a form of forgetting. It happens when we don't have the necessary cues to access memory, The memory is available but not accessible unless given the correct cue.
            • Context dependent forgetting
    • CUE
      • A Cue is a 'trigger' of  information which allows us to access the memory. Cues can be meaningful or indirectly linked by being encoded at the time of learning.
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