Explanations for Forgetting

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  • Explanations for Forgetting
    • Displacement
      • In STM, new information replaces old.
        • Based off Miller's theory of the 7+/-2 capacity of the short term memory store
          • AO3
            • Only explains memory loss in STM, not applicable to long term memory loss.
    • Motivated forgetting
      • Freud
        • Forgetting is an ego defence mechanism used to repress bad memories that cause trauma.
          • AO3
            • Doesn't explain why we forget mundane things like where we put our keys
    • Lack of Consolidation
      • Yarnell and Lynch
        • Concussed American footballers could recall what happened if asked immediately, but not 20 minutes later
      • If we don't make use of the retrieval loop by rehearsing information, then information is lost.
        • Based on Atkinson and Schiffren's retrieval loop in the Multi Store Model that is used for memory rehearsal
    • Interference
      • The idea that similar pieces information interfere with one another
      • Two Types
        • Proactive
          • Old information interferes with new
            • The old information becomes PRO-ACTIVE to avoid being replaced
        • Retroactive
          • New information interferes with old
            • The new information tries to become RETRO and impersonates old information
      • AO3
        • High face validity - it's something we experience day-to-day
        • Experiments lack ecological validity
    • Retrieval Failure
      • The idea that we need cues to remember information
        • Context dependent
          • Context is the cue for retrieval, i.e. setting or weather
        • State dependent
          • Your internal state is the cure for retrieval, i.e. stress or tiredness


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