Explanations of secularisation: introduction

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  • Explanations of Secularisation: Introduction
    • Sociologists have developed a wide variety of concepts to explain the process of secularisation.
    • 1. Modernisation (also the decline of tradition and it's replacement with rational and scientific ways of thinking that tend to undermine religion.
    • 2. Secularisation emphasises the effect of social change on religion.
      • Example: Industrialisation leads to the break up of small communities that were held together by common religious beliefs (Wilson)
    • 3. Growth of Social change and diversity.
      • Not only are people more diverse in terms of their occupational and religious diversity but religious institutions are more varied (Parsons and his structural differentiation theory).
    • 4. Growth of diversity has undermined both the authority of religious institutions and the credibility of religious beliefs. This has lead to a change in religious practices. (Berger and his theory of religious diversity).


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