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  • Exposure - Wilfred Owen
    • Context
      • Owen wrote the poem in 1917-18 from the trenched of WW1.
        • His poetry reveals his anger at the war's waste of life and its horrific conditions.
      • He was no against fighting, but was angry about the conditions soldiers had to live with in order to do so.
      • He died before the end of the war but during his time he saw the full horror of conditions on the front line.
    • Themes
      • It is more a poem about the conflict between man and nature
      • The poem itself is about the weather and conditions of living in the trenches rather than any fighting.
    • Structure
      • Large amount of ellipses, caesuras and repetition to create an on-going sense of waiting and boredom.
      • The poem is made of eight stanzas with a consistent use of a half line to end - emphasizes sameness.
      • Onomatopoeia and alliteration in the poem to emphasise the atmosphere and the sound of weather.
    • Key Quotes
      • "Merciless iced east winds that knife us..."
        • PERSONIFICATION = weather is a brutal enemy of the men
        • The weather is dangerous and painful. The men are being attacked
      • "But nothing happens"
        • REPETITION = boredom and tension, they are waiting for something to happen
      • "Flowing flakes that flock"
        • ALLITERATION = relentless snow and harsh weather
      • "On us the doors are closed,-"
        • CAESURA = the division between home and the soldiers
        • They may get PTSD-their families won't think of them as the same
      • "For love of God seems dying"
        • They are doubting God and losing faith
        • They may not get into heaven as they have killed people
      • "All their eyes are ice"
        • Memories have been frozen in their minds even as they die
      • "Sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence"
        • SIBILANCE = mimics the whistling of bullets flying
      • "Dawn massing in the east her melancholy army"
        • Dawn normally brings hope, but not here


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