'Extract from the prelude' by Wordsworth

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  • 'Extract from the prelude' by Wordsworth
    • Ideas about power and conflict
      • The speaker reflects on how the power of an incident changed him.
      • The incident involves a huge mountain creating fear in the speaker.
      • Nature is so powerful that it's "a trouble to his dreams"
    • Context
      • 'The prelude' is a very long poem.
      • This section is one of many where Wordsworth describes key memories.
      • Wordsworth uses these memories to show how he developed as a young person.
      • The setting is the Lake District, where Wordsworth grew up.
      • Wordsworth loved nature, and was interested in its power over humans.
    • Language
      • Powerful language to describe nature as "huge and mighty forms"
      • Simile suggests the speaker's confidence in nature to start: "like a swan"
      • Contrast of pretty language at the beginning with later, darker language: "small circles glittering" , "sparkling" vs "black and huge" , "grim shape"
      • Threatening personification to describe the mountain: "upreared its head" , "strode after me"
    • Form
      • The first person account sounds strongly personal.
      • Blank verse (unrhymed iambic pentameter) makes the account sound serious.
      • The rhythm makes the poem sound like natural speech.
    • Structure
      • Repetition of "huge" to show the power and the size of the mountain.
      • At the beginning the poet sounds confident; he is then scared by by the incident ; at the end he is shaken and changed , and has lost confidence.
      • The opening makes the whole poem an anecdote: one summer evening..."
    • Quotations to learn
      • "like a swan"
      • "huge"
      • "strode after me"
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