What factors affected crime & punishment 1500-1750

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  • Factors affecting crime & punishment 1500-1750
    • Developments in crime
      • Thought the crimes were becoming worse
      • Poaching became more of a problem
      • Vagabonds - poverty & unemplyment
      • Highway men
      • Smugglers
    • Methods of catching criminals
      • Hue & Cry - no police
      • System of unpaid constables
      • Thief takers - men who earned a living from rewards recieved
    • Belief that crime was increasing
      • More people unemployed so more crimes
      • Witchcraft
      • Superstition
      • Civil war
      • Religion changing
      • Majority believed there was an increase in crime
    • Attitudes of lawmakers
      • MPs passed the laws that made up bloody code.
      • Passing laws to do good for the people, but mainly to protect own rights and land
      • Harsh & savage punishments to cause fear


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