Factors causing uneven development

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  • Factors causing uneven development
    • Physical environment
      • Soil erosion, desertification, climate (and climate change), overgrazing and infertile soils affect farming.
      • Areas without fertile land, natural resources, water and energy suffer.
      • Natural hazards make little progress with development e.g. Haiti.
    • Health
      • Diseases can make people too weak to go to work or school.
      • 80% of all developing world diseases is water-related. 2 million die a year.
      • LIC's are unable to invest in good quality health care.
    • Trade
      • Trade blocks favor member states.
      • Primary products sold by LIC's are sold for cheap prices that can fluctuate. HIC's make more expensive products so they ear more.
      • Poor infrastructure or conflict means some people cannot sell their goods at all.
    • History
      • Colonialism: Many countries in Asia, South America and Africa have spent a lot of time and money civil wars and political struggles for power since being made separate from European superpowers.
      • Many LIC's haven't had time to develop fully.


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