Factors in Medicine Through Time

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  • Factors in Medicine through time
    • Renaissance
      • Church
        • The church still had most of the power however some people began to explore more scientific methods
      • Science + Tech
        • During the Renaissance, there began to be a rise in people defying the church and looking into discoveries such as;
          • William Harvey's Blood Circulation
          • Andreas Vesalius
      • Government
        • The government still did not have a lot of power because the church still controlled nearly everything
    • Modern Day
      • Government
        • The government established the NHS in 1948 and have continued to contribute to medical care.
      • Attitudes
        • Nowadays, there is a strong attitude to change because there are a growing number of problems that need a growing number of solutuions
      • Healthy Lifestyles
        • People started to believe that eating and drinking healthily can result in longer lives
      • Science + Tech
        • Science and technology continue to have a large impact on society through new discoveries and treatments
      • Church
        • In the Modern Day, the church has little impact on medicine but some people still trust in the church for medical advice
    • Medieval
      • God
        • People believed that they would be punished, by God, with illness for sinning
        • God was a large factor because he was feared by the people because of his omnipotence
      • Church
        • The church controlled everything and had a gigantic impact in the lives of the people
        • They controlled everything, especially hospitals
      • Government
        • The Government had very little control at the time
        • Because of the large control that the church had the government was
      • Attitudes
        • There was a strong and positive attitude towards faith because everyone was strongly religious
        • During the time, there was little attitude to change due to the worry of the punishment of God
    • Industrial
      • Attitudes to change
        • This era started a revolution in change because people were finally more open to change
      • Science + Tech
        • There was an explosion of breakthroughs during the time largely to do with fixing the lack of hygiene problem
      • Church
        • The Church began to lose control because of the amount of scientific discoveries being made
      • Government
        • The government began to take more control of Britain


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