Factors Influencing Voting Behaviour

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  • Factors Influencing Voting Behaviour
    • Recency Factors
      • Global Situations
        • Recession was likely a factor in voting Gordon Brown out in 2010
      • Personal Circumstances
        • Rational choice theory- voters vote for the party they think will do the best for them in their circumstances
      • Centrism
        • Many view all the major parties as the same perhaps due to a drift to the centre to appeal to more voters
      • Economics
        • If the economy is struggling, people will vote for the party that they feel is the best at handling the economy
        • Brexit
    • Voting Tactics
      • Protest Voting
        • People withdrew their support from Labour due to the governments decisions around the Iraq War in the 2005 general election
      • Tactical Voting
        • People may vote against the candidate they most dislike rather than for the candidate they actually like
      • Single Issue Voting
        • Brexit
        • Iraq War
    • Media Influence
      • Media Exposure
        • People tend only to expose themselves to media they agree with so how influential a factor this is is up for debate
      • Celebrities
        • Russel Brand  urged people to vote Labour in the 2015 General Election
      • Polls and Exit Polls
        • Give a good indication of voter intention and can also be used to gauge general feeling about government
      • Party Leadership
        • People said they wouldn't trust Jeremy Corbyn to run the corner shop
        • Gordon Brown caught calling someone a 'bigoted' woman
    • Primacy Factors
      • Ethnicity
        • BME people more likely to vote Labour due to more liberal stance on immigration
      • Region
        • Traditionally working class areas such as Wales vote Labour
      • Age
        • Young people vote Labour, Older people vote Conservative, older people more likely to vote than younger people
      • Social Class
        • Working class vote Labour, middle/upper class vote Conservative


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