Failure of a Constitutional Monarchy

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  • Failure of a Constitutional Monarchy
    • Class Differences
      • Sans Culottes
        • Storming of the Bastille 14th July 1789
        • October Days
          • March on Versailles 1st October 1789
        • Wanted to overthrow the king, and give power to the people
      • Peasants
        • Wanted to continue the revolution
        • Bourgeousie objected  to their views, only wanted to overthrow the king
      • Developments of Sans Culottes mentality across France
    • The King
      • Flight to Varennes 10th June 1790
        • King attempted to flee to Montmedy
        • They were intercepted at Varennes and returned to the Palace of Tuileries
        • This showed the King as against the revolution
        • Caused him to lose a large amount of popularity
        • Left a letter saying that he never believe in the constitutional monarchy
      • Power of Veto
        • King was given the right to veto any reforms passed
        • Used on
          • Refuses to agree to the August decrees 15th Sept 1789
          • Legislative Assembly's decree on Emigres 11th November 1790
          • Legislative Assembly's decree to arrest all non-juring priests 19th December 1790
      • Soon after he agreed to the October Days, he wrote to the Spanish King saying that he rejected all changes
    • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
      • Although intentions were correct reformation of the church caused huge conflict both within and with the French people.
      • Reformation removed absenteeism, tithes and plurality
      • Democracy was intended to be introduced to the church
      • Church had tp take an Oath of Loyalty, split the church
      • French believed the Constituent Assembly was trying to change their religion
      • Resulted in a large loss of support which would have made the Constituent Monarchy harder to put in place
    • Political Clubs
      • Jacobins
        • Wealthiest of society
        • Didn't want a monarchy
        • Robespierre was leader
      • Many of those who still wanted a constitution left due to being outspoken
      • Robespierre hated the King and wanted a republic
      • After the Flight to Varennes, the Assembly was split and this made it harder to make a new constitution
      • The lack of those for the King, resulted in a large amount of the assembly wanting a republic due to Robespierre's influence




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