Failure to draw up settlement 1646-49

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  • Failure to draw up settlement 1646-49
    • Charles' attitude to negotiations
      • God given duty to reclaim powers by any means possible- god punishing him for giving up powers 1642 and death of straff 1641
      • Par's demands too much
        • Already rejected presby church in 19 props
        • 58 royalists punished
      • HM letters- revealed poor attitude to negotiations.
      • Knew enemies deeply divided
        • PPs / PIs unable to reach settlement that would satisfy all groups.
    • Politicisation of NMA 1647 onwards
      • New factor to problem, new demands that horrified OPE
      • Growing religious radicalism key factor in politicalisation
        • Many felt they were instrument of God
        • Reg radicalism made them political rad- wanting more political and reg freedom
      • Overreaction of PPs to material demands that turned army into political force
        • Moderate demands, widows pensions, indemnity
        • Condemned in Dec of Dislike - army mutiny- army released Headds of Proposals
      • However, C negotiating in bad faith, despite more linent army terms- failed to see 'simple point that power came from end of a gun'
        • Though had more power than he really did
        • However, politicisation confirmed to him that enemies were divided, convinced him to continue to play enemies off against each other
    • Splits in Army by late 1647
      • Convinced C to double ** enemies more
      • Levellers infiltrated lower ranks, rank and file turned against senior officers- made worse by growing pay arrears
      • Led to Putney deabtes oct 1647- levellers/ agitators forced debate on future franchise
        • Suggests army politically divided
      • Convinced C enemies falling apart
    • Events of 1648
      • C's engagement with Covenanters- agreed to presby church 3 yrs. - army provided
        • C used reg as excuse to divide enermies further and sabotage chances of settlement
      • After 2nd CW, still negotiated in bad faith- Newport Negotiations sept 1648
      • Reg vital role in army decision to put C on trial ''man of blood'' condemned by G
      • Army remonstrace (oct 1648), Pride's purge (dec 6th 1648
        • Army saw no alternative to death of C- Crom ''necessity and providence


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