Family 2

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  • Family
    • Sibling Rivalry
      • Bandura's social learning theory
        • Explored the impact of role modelling and imitating behaviours
        • Exposure to high levels of conflict could lead a child becoming aggressive and displaying bullying to other children in the family
      • Why?
        • Jealousy
        • Gain a sense of control
        • Gain power in the household
        • Feeling helpless and powerless
        • Parents encouraging complementation
        • Parents deliberately promoting conflict
    • Parenting Styles
      • The different strategies/ ways that parents use to bring up their children
      • Authoritative
        • Parents are not overly strict
        • Children are brought up to respect others and their surroundings
      • Permissive
        • Parents make few demands
        • Reluctant to implement rules
        • Children therefore often lack self-control as they have no set boundaries or respect
      • Authoritarian
        • Parents have very high expectations
        • Often overwhelming their children with strict rules and regulations
      • Demanding
        • Set high standards for their children in terms of what they deem to be acceptable behaviour
        • Can affect the self-esteem and mental health of children
          • They may not feel good enough or struggle to accept defect or failure
      • Undemanding
        • Development can also be impacted by no parental involvement
        • Parents make few demands or responses
        • Some parents are unaware of the power they hold over their children
          • Why?
            • Lack of education
            • Inadequate role modelling
            • Lack of  emotional intelligence
            • Substance abuse


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