Family Rights Employment law

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  • Paternity Rights
    • Maternity Rights - Leave and Pay
      • Who is entitled to maternity leave and pay?
      • Break down maternity leave
      • What is provided for under statute in terms of maternity pay?
      • What duty does the employer have?
      • What 5 protections are provided for maternity leave
    • Adoption Leave
    • Flexible Working Requests
      • Who is eligible?
      • What are the formalities the employee needs to follow ?
      • What must the employer do?
      • What are the 8 statutory reasons under which the employer can refuse?
      • What are the risks of the employer wrongfully refusing the request?
    • Rights for partners
      • What are the rights available to partners?
      • Who is entitled to parental leave?
      • How much parental leave can be taken?
    • Time off to Care for Dependants
      • Who and what are they entitled to?
      • What is the significance of Qua v John Ford Morrison Solicitors [2003]


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