Family in 'The Kite Runner'.

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  • Family in 'The Kite Runner'
    • The narrative is a tale of father and sons.
    • Amir yearns for his fathers affections.
    • Amir is envious of the close bond between Hassan and Baba.
    • He remembers Baba's detachment and how 'he'd close the door, leave me to wonder why it was always grown ups time with him.'
    • When Amir hears the tale of his father wrestling a bear he always wonders why he can 'never tell Baba from the bear'.
    • Always see's himself as the 'glaring imperfection' in his fathers eyes.
    • When Amir discovers Baba's secret he realises he is more like him than he imagined. This is a bitter-sweet revelation because they have both caused other people pain.
    • Amir and his fathers relationship changes dramatically on arrival in America
    • Baba feels genuine pride at Amir's achievements in education but cannot help but be disappointed that he did not pursue a career in medicine.
    • The hardships they endure during their first few years in America bring them closer together.
    • Soraya provides a look into an Afghan family from a female prospective.
    • Soraya objects to some of her fathers views but still respects and loves him in the end.
    • Soraya's father loves her also as he eventually respects her career choices and even sits in on some of her lessons.
    • Sorays assists Baba in discovering Amirs talents as a writer which brings father and son together in Baba's final months.
    • Soraya, Amir and Sohrab are just beginning life as a family and the reader hopes that they continue to love and support each other.


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