Famous Tudor Explorers

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  • Famous Tudor Explorers
    • Why explore?
      • Find new lands
      • Buy and sell things.  Like to China and India to buy silk and spices.
      • An adventure and fight and steal gold
      • Conquer new countries and rule them
    • Marco Polo 1271: Travelled by land from Venice to China between 1271 and 1295. Ended up in prison in Genoa and the author Rustichello da Pisawrote up all my adventures for me. This made exploring famous for the first time
    • Christopher Columbus 1492:Wanted to find a new way to China by sailing west. Persuaded the King of Spain to fund voyage and set sail in 1492. Instead of reaching China, he landed in the Bahamas and discovered the Americas instead! He originally thought it was China and India so called it the West Indies.
    • John Cabot 1497: Born in Italy but came to live in England under Henry VII. Was one of the first English explorers and sailed over to Canada in 1497. Like Columbus, he was trying to find a new route to China. The newly found land he discovered he called Newfoundland
    • Vasco de Gama 1497: Was a Portuguese sailor who created a route to India around the South tip of Africa past the Cape of Good Hope in 1497. He created new trading posts in India.
    • Ferdinand Magellan 1522: Was the first man to ever sail around the whole world (circumnavigate).  He died on the way but one of the ships made it back to Spain in 1522.
    • Sir Francis Drake 1580: One of the most famous sailors of the Tudor period. He helped Queen Elizabeth defeat the Spanish Armada and was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe between 1577 and 1580.


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