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  • Features
    • DTP software and word processors
      • DTP applications are used to create publications such as newspapers/ magazines/ leaflets and brochures.
        • Spellchecker
        • Grammar checker
        • Thesaurus
      • Facilities:
        • Style sheets
        • Headers and footers
        • Automatic content production
        • Page layout
        • Justification. i.e aligning text
        • Tables
        • Tabulation i.e making lists of data readable with tabs
        • Borders
        • Graphics
        • Auto shapes
        • Watermarks
    • Mail Merge
      • Mail Merge is a method of producing personalised letters by merging a standard letter with details of names and addresses and other information from a database.
        • Used by utility companies.
        • Used by businesses to send circulars.
        • Used by schools for exam results.
    • File Formats
      • When importing files from other sources to include your document you must take note of the type of file it is.


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