Chapter 6 - Feature of a Successful Vaccination Programme

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  • Features of a Successful Vaccination Programme
    • A suitable vaccine must be economically available in sufficient quanitites to immunise all the vulnerable population
    • There must be few side-effects, if any, from vaccination. Unpleasant side-effects may discourage individuals in the popuation from being vaccinated
    • Means of producing, storing and transporting the vaccine must available. This usually involves technologically advanced equipment, hygenic conditions and refrigerated transport
    • There must be means of administering the vaccine properly at the appropriate time. This involves training staff with appropriate skills at different centres throughout the population
    • It must be possible to vaccinate the vast majority (all, if possible) of the vulnerable population. This is best done at one time so that, for a certain period, there are no individuals in the population with disease and the transmission of the pathogen is interrupted. This is known as herd immunity


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