Feminine Gospels by Carol Ann Duffy

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  • Feminine Gospels by Carol Ann Duffy
    • Women in History
      • Beautiful
        • Semantic fields of beauty and sexuality, along with wealth and the juxtaposition of modern and traditional
        • Circle of rhythm- stanzas start short and build up-reflecting growth of media attention of the female stars, which ends in their downfall, reflected by the shorter stanzas at the end
        • Key features: asyndetic listing, enjambent (between stanzas 4&5), rhyme
      • The Long Queen
        • Key features: monosyllabic and harsh consonant sounds, asyndetic listing, declarative sentences, cross-line rhyme, caesure
        • References to Queen Elizabeth I, who rejected various suitors. 'Long Queen' could be seen as patron saint of women, as she rejects most patriarchal standards
      • Sub
        • About the female influence in typically male victories
        • Key features: alliteration, 1st person narrative, asyndetic listing, internal rhyme, sibilance
      • History
        • Key features: cross-line rhyme, lack of punctuation, assonance, enjambment
    • Motherhood
      • The Light Gatherer
        • Key features:  enjambment, similes, caesura, enjambment
          • Cosmic references and natural imagery
        • The cave= yonic symbol of daughter's place of origin, linking her to the mother. Could also imply that women have been kept in the dark and that having children enables them   to escape into the light
      • The Cord
        • Imagery of fairy tale links to The Long Queen
        • Key features: alliteration, hidden rhyme, rhetoric, enjambment, lack of puntuation
      • Work
        • Key features: asyndetic listing, caesura, sharp consonants, cross rhyme, lack of punctuation
    • Women's Bodies
      • The Diet
        • Key features: asyndetic listing and  internal rhyme,
        • Themes: loss of control, loss of identity, suffering, society pressure altering women to fit into stereotypes
      • The Woman who Shopped
        • Key features: asyndetic listing- no full stops shows her addiction is relentless, lack of rhyme, lack of pronouns
        • Semantic field of money and consumerism, women's bodies changing
        • Duffy here is showing how consumerism is destroying women's morals and women prostitute their bodies and souls to gain worldly goods.
      • The Map Woman
        • Key features: asyndetic listing, internal rhyme
    • Writing Poetry
      • A Dreaming Week
        • Key features: rhetoric, sibilance, caesura, litotes
          • Litotes: each stanza starts with a measure of time, 'not tonight', majority of which reference the future
      • Gambler
        • Structure: trisects unequal length lines. This is ironic as Duffy uses a structured form of dramatic monologue
          • Semantic fields of gambling and writing
        • Key features: sibilance, alliteration, internal rhyme, rhetoric
    • Elegies
      • Wish
        • Either about the rebirth of a friend, or the woman being reborn could be seen as the voice of feminism
        • Key features: asyndetic listing, internal rhyme, short declarative sentences,
      • North-West
        • Key features: caesura, personification, repetition, asyndetic listing
        • Semantic field of love/intimacy
      • Death and The Moon
        • Key features: enjambment, use of personal pronouns, oxymoron
    • Women not having a Voice
      • Anon
        • Short poem- light hearted, stop and start rhythm keeps the poem up-beat and rhyming.
          • Key features: monosyllabic  enjambment,  rhyme, anofrollic listing caesuras.
          • Shakespeare's much ado about nothing adds to light hearted tone, the song is nonsense but celebratory
      • Loud
        • Key features: cross rhyme, imagery, asyndetic listing, sibilance,  onomatopoeia, personification
      • White Writing
        • Starts off with 'no', negative connotations of the reaction of her love
        • Key features:half rhyme, natural imagery, enjambment,
      • The Virgin's memo
        • Key features: alliteration, repetition, asyndetic listing, irony, enjambment
        • Refers to the Virgin Mary, who is always present through male texts
    • Suffering
      • Tall
        • Key features:  enjambment, monosyllabic sentences
      • Loud
        • See other points
  • History
  • Unconventional sonnet due to the lack of regular rhyme
    • North-West
      • Key features: caesura, personification, repetition, asyndetic listing
      • Semantic field of love/intimacy
  • Last poem in the collection, suggests she has done all she can do, and the struggle for feminism is down to other people. Theme of death could also represent the passing of patriarchal dominance.
    • Death and The Moon
      • Key features: enjambment, use of personal pronouns, oxymoron




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