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  • feminism
    • marxist feminism
      • patriarchy is an ideology attempting to justify economic inequality
      • cause
        • men are exploited at work and carry this over to relationships. capital class relations
      • family system benefits capitalism
      • solution
        • get rid of capitalism
    • radical feminism
      • men are the enemy
      • causes
        • universal causes: exploitation of female biology, marriage where men control womens behaviour, heterosexual relationships
      • sex class
        • woman are a sex class that share the common interest of freeing themselves from male oppression
      • exploitation occurs in both public and private spheres
      • patriarchy
        • has existed in all societies and predates capitalism
      • solution
        • lesbian relationships
    • liberal feminism
      • causes
        • individual ignorance
      • solution
        • advocate changing the system from within
      • progress
        • general position of women has improved
      • women have legal equality not status equality
    • patriarchy
      • a system of male dominance that disadvantages women


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