Feminism and Human Rights

Describes the types of feminism and feminism's impact on society

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  • Feminism and Human Rights
    • Feminism is a social threory and political movement originating from the belief that rights, privelleges ans
    • Types of  Femism
      • Radical Feminism-  women's oppression as a fundamental element of society and seeks to challenge that standard by broadly rejecting standard gender roles
      • Liberal Feminism argues that equality can be achieved through legal means and social reform
      • Social Feminism- similar to radical feminism but believe that capitalism needs to be overthrown to achieve equality
      • Christian Feminism- women are equally saved, equally spirit filled and equally sent
    • Language-Ms instead of Miss or Mrs. Herstory instead of history. 'he or she' instead of he.
    • Heterosexual relationships- change in power, trying to balance family and career, pill allows control of the body, marriage seen as oppressive and opt for cohabitaiton
    • Religion- women ordained as clergy in protestant church, rabbis and cantors in some branches of Judaism. Resisted in Islam and Roman Catholicism
    • Moral education- the quest for external power has left a vacuum for moral training, feminists argue it is not their sole responsibilty
    • Reproductive  Rights- pro choice traditionally, radical feminists demand the right to control their body
    • Economic  Rights- Equal pay act of 1970 though it is not always enforced. Women in LEDCs often cant work due to religious or societal restrictions


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