Fibres Breakdown

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  • Fibres
    • Synthetic
      • polyester
        • durable, retains shape, moisture-resistant, wrinkle resistant, machine washable.
      • nylon
        • quick to dry, abrasion resistant, resistant to oil and chemicals, strong, lustrous, non-absorbent
      • acrylic
        • durable, abrasion resistant, UV resistant, resistant to chemicals, strong
      • elastane
        • stretch, lightweight, durable, perspiration resistance, soft against the skin
    • Natrural
      • cotton
        • breathable, absorbent, wrinkles easily, abrasion resistant, soft against the skin, machine washable.
      • wool
        • flexible,  stain resistant, insulates (even when wet), durable, anti-wrinkle
      • silk
        • lustre, breathable, absorbent, thermal regulation, dries quickly
      • hemp
        • UV resistant, absorbent, durable, antibac properties
    • Fibre Blends
      • Fibres are blended together to combine the properties of different fibres
      • Examples: polyester and cotton to combine breathability of cotton with durability of polyester. Elastane and nylon to combine stretch of elastancewith strength of nylon.
      • fibre blends can be used to change the appearance quality of a fabric. decorative and functional.
    • Filament fibres
      • filament fibres are long, continuous fibres that resemble hair.
      • Examples: silk, nylon and polyester.
    • Staple Fibres
      • short fibres (opposite of filament fibres)
      • Examples: cotton, wool, jute, flax.


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