Film Promotion and relating that to Black Panther

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  • Film Promotion and relating that to Black Panther
    • Industry
      • Production
        • screenwriting, editing, filming, casting
        • Disney and Marvel involved
      • Distribution
        • cinema, streaming services, dvd, marketing
        • Disney involved
      • Independent Film (films made by smaller, lesser known studios)
      • Mainstream Film (made by a major studio)
        • film Black Panther made by subsidiary Marvel that is owned by conglomerate disney
      • Conglomerate: a large parent company that owns many smaller companies
      • Subsidiary: smaller company owned by a conglomerate
      • Vertical Integration
        • Vertical integration is when a company both produces and distributes its product (this saves money). Disney does this.
      • Horizontal Integration
        • when a company produces a product and uses a different company to distribute
    • Theories
      • David Hesmondhalgh
        • argues major cultural organisations create products for diff industries to MAXIMISE PROFIT, MINIMISE RISK
      • Curran and Seaton
        • argues that the media is owned by large conglomerates resulting in LACK OF CREATIVITY AND THOUGHT
      • Livingstone and Lunt
        • argues that LARGE COMPANIES are so big that they are DIFFICULT TO REGULATE AND CONTROL (e.g.: youtube
    • Techniques for Marketing
      • trailers - theatrical and teasers
      • posters- theatrical, teasers and character
      • soundtrack
      • temporary websites
      • intertextuality
      • interviews
      • premieres
      • partnerships with brands
        • lexus partnership
          • marketed in more than 90 countries
          • older male audiences
        • superbowl
          • wide global audience
          • intended to attract a more diverse audience
        • NBA finals
          • viewership skews towards African-Americans males by 63%
      • non traditional ways
      • black panther used 360 marketing technique
        • reaching audiences on traditional ways such as billboards and premieres and through new media ways such as social media.


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