Finding your Strengths & Areas for Development

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  • Finding strengths and areas for development
    • 3 skills I could improve:
      • Confidence - I think this comes with experience. This would develop me as a person to allow me to become more employable.
      • Improve efficiency - this involves not being afraid to delegate tasks and prioritise important tasks.
      • Creativity and innovation - I think this would again come with experience and the dynamics of a working environment. I thrive within a motivating area and this develops my innovative skills.
    • 5 positive skills that will benefit me in the workplace:
      • Positive mindset and attitude - this creates a healthy working environment and can impact everyone else within the workplace.
      • Self management skills - this demonstrates reliability and trustworthiness which would be beneficial in a workplace.
      • Punctual and reliable - I have good time management skills which benefits these two factors ensuring I am in the workplace at the right time.
      • Ability to work within a team and independently - this will benefit me in a workplace as I can adapt to the environment.
      • Motivated and resilient - this enables me to have a positive approach to life and work, which in turn enables better problem-solving skills to flourish and helps to maintain motivation.


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