Fishing and Whaling in Antartica

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  • Fishing and whaling in Antartica
    • Fishing krill is significant as it is at the bottom of many Antarctic food chains
      • Krill and toothfish recieved the largest catch allowances in the Southern Ocean in 2017-1018
      • More than half of the Antarctic krill population (up to 70 percent) lives in a relatively small region of the Southern Ocean,
        • climate crisis hotspot, and one of the most rapidly changing ecosystems in the Southern Hemisphere.
      • several Adélie penguin colonies in the area vanished most likely due to depletion of krill in otehr areas
    • Southern fur whales were hunted nearly to extinction
      • World Blue whale population is 2-5% of its pre-whaling numbers
    • illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing
      • at peak, 7000 sea birds were killed by long lines
      • 1990- 90 vessels were operating
    • Toothfish are a target as they grow to 2m but are slow to mature and reproduce so ecosystem slowky replenishes
    • Location
      • Earth's southern hemisphere
      • 98% covered by ice


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