Flood defences

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  • Flood Defences
    • Hard Engineering
      • Channel Straightening
        • Reduce flood risk by keeping water flowing through quickly
        • Downstream areas are more at risk due to high water velocity
      • Dams and Reservoirs
        • Reduce flood risk by filling extra rainfall
        • Expensive and destroys habitats and towns when built
      • Embankments
        • Reduce flood risk by increasing river capacity
        • Expensive and can still burst
      • Flood relief channels
        • River discharge falls because of diversion
        • River discharge will increase at junction between relief channel and the river it links up to
    • Soft Engineering
      • Planting Trees
        • Increase proportion of rain that's intercepted, increasing log time
        • River discharge, flood risk, and soil erosion reduced
        • Wildlife new habitat
      • Preparation
        • Building house on stilts
        • Reduce financial and personal impact
        • Can be expensive
        • Flood warnings
      • River restoration
        • Allows river to swell its banks and flood the flood plain naturally
        • Doesn't do much to stop flooding
      • Flood Plain Zoning
        • Fewer impermeable surfaces- flooding is less common
        • Involves having smaller towns and cities, increasing house prices and create a shortage.


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