Fluvioglacial Landscapes

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  • Erosion
    • Meltwater Channels= channel cut into ice, bedrock by the flow of water derived from the melting of a glacier or ice-sheet
      • Meltwater
    • Pro-glacial lakes= a lake formed either by the damming action of a moraine during the retreat of a melting glacier, a glacial ice dam, or by meltwater trapped against an ice sheet
    • Misfit Stream= meander through the flat, wide U-shaped floor.
    • Fluvioglacial Landscapes
      • Deposition
        • Outwash Plains= formed of glacial sediments deposited by meltwater outwash at the end of a glacier
        • Esker= long, winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel
        • Kames/Kame Terraces= mounds of sediment deposited along the front of a slowly melting or stationary glacier/ice sheet
        • Braided Stream= A stream consisting of multiple small, shallow channels that divide and recombine numerous times forming a pattern resembling the strands of a braid.


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