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  • Fold Mountains-The Alps.
    • Forestry
      • Coniferous trees
        • used for timber manufactoring
      • some trees have been delibratly planted as crops
      • there are many logging companys in the Alps
        • deforistation
      • people who live in the forests in the Alps rely on deforistation for energy
      • timber is processed ny the saw mills located by the riversin the bottem of the valley
    • Hydro-Eletric-Power
      • steep slopes make it easier to make hydro eletric power
        • helped by the gravitatinal force of water
      • Narrow valleys are easy to dam to create reservoirs
      • hydro eletirc power production does not cause air polution
        • renewable source of energy
    • Tourism
      • Summer Activitys
        • walking,running,cycling ext
        • Winter Activitys
          • sking,snowboarding ext
      • Climate
        • summer
        • winter
          • clear blue skys ,a lot of snow
    • Farming
      • Vally floor
          • this is easier to farm on than the steep vally slopes
      • South slope
        • Warmer and Dryer conditions
      • more fertile soils
      • better comunications
  • long,hot dry summer days


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