Food Choices

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  • My Food Choices
    • Scrambled Egg
      • Because dad cooked it for me without asking and I like it.
    • Apple
      • Because i need to have at least 1 fruit a day.
    • Cheese Panini
      • They are not too expensive and are very nice.
    • Barbeque sauce
      • Goes well with Cheese Paninies and is delicious
    • Gammon
      • Mum made me have it whether I liked it or not!
    • Sweet and Sour Sauce
      • Cheap and goes well with Gammon
    • Potatoes
      • because starchy foods are necessary for a good diet
    • Broccoli
      • Mum made me eat it. Yuch!
    • Butternut
      • Delicious if it has enough flavour on it.


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