Food Hygiene mindmap

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  • Food hygiene
    • food poisoning
      • storing food in unsuitable conditions
      • undercooking food
      • not reheating food properly
      • infected food handlers
      • cross contamnation
      • out of date food
    • storage of food
      • store in clean conditions + appropriate temp
      • freezer - -18c
      • fridge - 5c or below
      • if food is stored at ambient temp, ensure it's covered and well ventilated
      • check fridge temp regularly
      • no hot food in fridge
      • raw + cooked food separate
    • cooking food
      • cook food until 70c especially the centre
      • reheat food until piping hot
    • cooling food
      • bacteria can grow fast during the cooling period so cool food as quickly as possible
      • cool food within a maximum of one hour then cover and put in fridge
    • cross-contamination
      • keep raw and cooked food separate and clean equipment properly after use
      • keep food covered
      • avoid touching hair or face


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