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  • Forces
    • Debussy
      • Solo Piano
      • Wide range but no extremely high notes
    • Beethoven
      • 4 strings (including double bass), clarinet, bassoon and horn.
      • Violin and Viola use double stopping
      • Horn used to play very low notes
      • violin and clarinet have the main melodic interest
    • Sweelinck
      • Single - manual Harpsichord
      • 3 octave range - limited
        • leads to complicated texture
    • Bach
      • Solo violin and two flutes in concertino (solo instruments)
      • 1st and 2nd Violins, Viola, cello, Double Bass and Harpsichord used in ripieno
      • written for baroque style instruments
    • Schumann
      • solo piano
      • Use of pedal in no1 and no3
      • use of Left hand (Bass) having the melody


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