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  • Forgetting
    • Interference
      • Proactive
        • Previous information interferes with new information
        • Previous learning interferes with later learning
      • Retroactive
        • New memory interferes with an old memory
        • Later learning distrupts earlier learning
    • Cue Depending Forgetting
      • Specific to Long Term Memory -  forgetting is a retrieval failure
      • Forgetting is due to lack of cues
        • 1. that are linked meaningfully to the information
        • 2. that are not linked meaningfully to the information
      • When we learn information we encode the context with the information and the mental state we are in
    • Context Dependent Forgetting
      • When the environment during recall differs from the environment you were in when learning
      • Godden and Baddeley (1975) tested the effect of environment on recall
    • State Dependent Forgetting
      • When your mood or physiological state during recall is different from the mood you were in when you were learning
      • Goodwin et al (1969)
    • Retrieval Failure
      • When we cannot access a memory until the correct retrieval cue is used
      • Tulving (1972) created the 'Encoding Specificity Principle'
      • Encoding a new memory create new information to store, if we cannot remember the memory it could be because we are not in a similar environment


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