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  • Forgetting
    • Interference
      • Explains forgetting in the LTM
      • Proactive interference
        • When an older memory interferes with a newer one
      • Retroactive interference
        • When a newer memory interferes with an older one
      • Interference is worse when memories are similar
        • McGeoch and McDonald
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • Supporting research for real-life situations
            • Baddeley and Hitch
          • Supporting drug studies
            • Coenen and Van Luijtelaar
        • Weaknesses
          • Interference is temporary and can be overcome using cues
            • Tulving and Psotka
    • Retrieval failure
      • Encoding specificity principle
        • A cue must be present at encoding and at retrieval
        • Tulving
        • Non-meaningful cues
          • Context-dependent forgetting
            • Recall depends on external cue
          • State-dependent forgetting
            • Recall depends on internal cue
      • Forgetting due to the absence of cues
      • Context- dependent forgetting
        • Godden and Baddeley
          • Divers learned and recalled words either on land or in the sea
          • Accurate recall was 40% lower in the non-matching conditions
      • State-dependent forgetting
        • Carter and Cassaday
          • Participants learned and recalled words either on antihistamines or not
          • If the participant was in a different internal state in recall to learning, recall was worse
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • Real world application
            • Retrieval cues can help prevent everyday forgetting
          • Supporting research
            • Godden and Baddeley
            • Carter and Cassaday
            • Eysenck and Keane
        • Weaknesses
          • Only applies to recall, not recollection
            • Godden and Baddeley replication


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