Formal powers of the president

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  • Formal powers of the president
    • Executive powers
      • Chief executive of the federal government.
      • Prepares the annual federal budget (must be passed by Congress).
    • Legislative powers
      • Proposes legislation to Congress.
      • Signs legislation passed by Congress into law.
      • Can choose to veto legislation passed by Congress.
    • Appointment powers
      • Nominates officials to the executive branch.
      • Nominates all federal judges.
    • Foreign affairs powers
      • Commander-in-chief of the US military
      • Can initiate military action - e.g. George W. Bush led the USA into wars with Iraq and Afghanistan
      • Negotiates treaties (must be ratified by the Senate with a 2/3 majority).
    • Pardons
      • The president can pardon someone who has recognised that they are guilty of a federal crime.


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