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  • Fred
    • Key moments
      • he welcomes Scrooge into the family Christmas without question, never berating him for his past errors
        • ” Let him in! It is a mercy he didn’t shake his arm off.'
      • Fred holds a jolly family orientated Christmas party where he refuses to be derogatory about his uncle
        • 'I mean to give him the same chance every year'
        • I pity him'
      • Fred is authentically benevolent towards Bob, expressing his genuine sorrow for the death of Tiny Tim
      • Visits Scrooge in his office to wish him a merry Christmas
        • 'a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time'
    • Why is he important
      • Dickens utilises Fred as a model for embracing Christmas and its associated virtues e.g. goodwill, family, love, community
      • Fred’s concern is revealed by his persistence and pity – his manner is what Dickens sought to inspire in others.
      • Both Bob Cratchit and Fred are important characters in bringing about the transformation of Scrooge’s character.
      • Fred is a foil to Scrooge in the opening of the novella, so helps to heighten Scrooge’s absolute misery nature and need for change.


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