A Christmas Carol- Characters - Fred

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  • Fred
    • Fred arrives in Scrooge's office "all in glow" and "his eyes sparkled"
      • This emphasises the warmth and friendliness of his character
      • He's the opposite of Scrooge, he values happiness more than money.
    • Fred disagrees with Scrooge's miserly values. He thinks that Scrooge's wealth is useless because "he don't do any good with it"
    • He's empathetic, he's "heartily sorry" for the Cratchit family after Tim dies even though he barley knows them.
    • Fred's laugh illustrates his cheerfulness and optimism
    • He's even-tempered and refuses to argue with Scrooge
      • He tells Scrooge "i'll keep my Christmas humour to the last" and later says that he "couldn't be angry" with Scrooge if he tried
    • He's determined to include Scrooge in the celebrations, he believes in the importance of being kind at Christmas, especially to family
    • Fred is jovial, enthusiastic and caring
    • Dickens presents Fred as someone who shows lots of the values associated with Christmas
    • Fred also knows how to have fun by his Christmas parties
    • Key Quotes
      • "Because i fell in love"
      • "I am sorry; i couldn't be angry with him if i tried. Who suffers by his ill whims? himself always"
    • Fred is Scrooge's Nephew




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