Civil War

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  • Civil War
    • Black soldiers
    • Black People
      • Susie baker king taylor
        • spoke about life in camp in her book
          • spoke about facing death and work she did as an educator
            • taught slaved people in a school in Georgia which she founded
      • black woman
        • Cook for soldiers, did medical care or cared for children
        • harriet tummen
          • Engaged in both combat and no combat
          • remembered for work to help people to freedom in the underground
            • back and forth between north and south
              • Spy during civil war.  by secret service
                • Gathered information about confederates
                  • be in rooms where they were sharing intel
                    • seemed invisible to them
                      • Told union army where enemies were hiding and where they planted things in the water
          • led a military operations
            • Combahee river
              • June 2 1863. Three boats set fire to building and bridges net to river so confederates could nto use them
                • freed 750 black people
                  • did not loose anyone in the fight
    • Why it started
      • About slavery - states wanted to keep their slaves - economy relied on the slaves
        • Alexander Stevens - slavery was the immediate cause of late rupture and present revolution and the confederacy was founded on the great truth that the ***** is not equal to the white man
    • What happened
      • Broke out i April 1861 at Fort Sumter
        • Thousands volunteered to fight but were refused as black people were not able to fight in the US army
          • Lincoln administration debated recruiting black troops into union forces but it could have prompt border states to concede
            • Police believed black men to be too cowardly and weak and that they could not hold onto secret information. Believed giving black men guns would mean they would attack white people
      • Some black people formed their own groups
        • south carolina general david hunter - organsied a group of slaves to become part of the regiment
      • union had trouble recruiting white people
        • black abolitionists like Douglas  pushed Lincoln to make black soldiers part of the war
      • Emancipation proclamation
        • prevented european countries from supporting confederacy
          • France and Britian refused to support because of the anti slave position
        • black slaves were recruited
        • SecretaryOS said it was a sign of weakness
        • seotemebr 17th 1862
          • Publicaly announced it which told confederate states that they ahve 100 days from January 1 1863 to rejoin the union and if they did not there slaves would be declared free
            • confederacy did not listen
              • Douglass worked recruiting black soldiers
                • by the end of the war the union had more than 186,000 black volunteers. 134000 of them coming from slave states
                  • over 70% of black men of age served in the union army
      • Changed minds of many including President Lincoln
      • Ended in April 1865 as confederates surrendered
        • Many black americans remained in *******
          • June 19th 1865.
            • general granger let 250,000 people know that they were free
              • some were still waiting though
    • impacts
      • Runaways would go to war
        • confiscation cats in 1861 and 62 meant that they could get freedom if they joined these camps
          • work for wages
      • work for wages


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