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  • Freiburg
    • Social Planning
      • Locals can invest in renewable energy like one district invested in 9 windmills, 8 solar energy systems and hydro electric plan
      • Financial return for investors and for those who compost their green waste/ use textile nappies
    • Economic Planning
      • 10,000 employed in 1500 environmental businesses like Solar factory (employs 250 people)
      • Institute for Solar energy systems develop new solar cooling / host European solar energy conference
    • Environmental Planning
      • 350 community recycling points with < 88% of packing waste recycled
      • Annual waste reduced by 90 000 tons in 12 yrs and burning provides energy for 28000 homes
    • Sustainable Living
      • Energy
        • Strict policy on saving energy and efficiency with 100% renewable energy powered 2050
        • About 400 solar panel in city producing 10 M kW of energy per year with excess sold
        • Large proportion from biomass e.g. waste wood or rapeseed and from biogas from organic waste
      • Water Supply
        • Waste system allows rainwater to be retained on green roofs and used indoors--or to seep back into ground through unpaved tramways, pervious pavements and wetlands
        • River Dreisam managed by flood retention basin designed around the Black Forest Scenery
      • Greenspaces
        • 40% of city is forested with 44% used for timber and 75% left to grow back
        • Only native native trees and shrubs in 600 ha of parks
    • Vauban
      • Inner city district in Freiburg, built on the site of a former army barracks (brownfield site)
      • Now 5500 people in low energy buildings - all existing trees retained, created greenspaces, green roofs and rainwater collection.


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