fuel cells

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  • Fuel cells
    • simple cells
      • source of electrical energy
      • consists of two electrodes made from metals of different reactivity immersed in an electrolyte and connected to an external voltmeter by wire, creating a complete circuit
    • hydrogen-oxygen fuell cells
      • involve a redox reaction
      • electrolyte is often a solution of potassium hydroxide
      • electrodes are often porous carbon with a catalyst
      • hydrogen goes into the anode compartment and oxygen goes into the cathode compartment
      • the electrons flow through an internal circuit from the anode to the cathode -this is the electrical current
      • at the anode hydrogen looses an electron to produce H+ ions this is oxidation
        • H+ ions in the electrolyte move to the cathode
      • at the cathode oxygen gains from the cathode and reacts with H+ ions to make water. This is reduction
    • Advantages of hydrogen oxygen fuel cells
      • dont produce pollutants
      • hydrogen and oxygen are abundant
      • easu to mantain
    • disadvantages of hydrogen oxygen fuel cells
      • hydrogen takes up a lot of space to store
      • it is flammable when mixed with air
      • very expensive to manufacture


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