functionalists explanations of crime and deviance

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  • functionalist explanations of crime and deviance
    • Emile durkheim
      • Social control
        • In pre - industrial societies society could direct the behaviours of its members
      • Consensus
        • A general agreement
        • has a powerfull influence over personal behaviour
      • Anomie
        • a sense of moral confusion
        • weakens moral norms and values
        • encourages crime and deviance
      • Crime functions to benefit society
        • Promotes positive social change
          • highlights aspects of a crime as inadequet
        • creates public outrage
          • reinforces social solidarity
        • punishment shows acceptable boundaries
        • minor crimes act as safety valves
      • ignores that crimes can be dysfunctional
      • underestimates level of conflict
    • Merton
      • Untitled
    • Subcultural explanations
      • Albert Cohen
      • Walter Miller
      • Cloward and Ohlin


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