Functionalist theory of education

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  • Functionalist theory of education
    • Weaknesses
      • 2) the NEW RIGHT believe that the education system is failing to meet the needs of the industry
      • 1) Critics argue that society does not provide meritocracy and that the education system doesnt provide equality of opportunity
      • 3) MARXISTS claim that education provides RULING CLASS IDEOLOGY rather than shared values.
      • "JUG AND MUG THEORY" - the teacher pours their knowledge into the empty vessel.
      • Education provides SOCIAL SOLIDARITY through producing similaties between members of society. Providing a shared history.
      • Education helps develeop INSTRUMENTAL RELATIONSHIPS based on the need of working together in the work place.
    • Strengths
      • 2) Identifies how education can link to family and the economy
      • 1) Identifies positive functions of education for both society & the individual
      • Education has a ROLE ALLOCATION function which is to ensure that the most important roles of society are filled by the appropriate people
    • Functionalists believe that education benefits all of society
      • MERITOCRACY - rewarding people according to their ability
      • Education is a bridge between family and work.
    • Particularistic standards
      • Family teaches us the rules which applies to the individual
    • Univeralistic standards.
      • Education teaches us rules which apply to everyone which is also reflected in the work place.


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