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  • Types of sugars
    • Granulated- For general kitchen use
    • Sugars
    • Caster- Finer crystals than granulated and dissolves quicker.
    • Icing - Fine white powder that dissolves instantly. Used for cake decorations
    • Demerara - large, light brown crystals.Used for toppings on puddings and hot drinks
    • Muscovado - dark brown, fine sticky crystals with strong distinct flavour. Used for fruit cake, puddings ginger bread
  • Functions of sugar
    • Preserves Food - in large quantities it creates unsuitable conditions for micro organisms ( bacteria and moulds) to grow
    • Sugars
    • Bulking agent - Gives the characteristic to food e.g Cake
    • Sweetens- used to sweeten food and drinks
    • Aerates food - When sugar is beaten with egg or butter it helps trap air to make cakes light.
    • Keeps  food products moist and helps extend shelf life
    • Stabilises -  when whisked it stabilises the product e.g meringue as is strengthens the foam
    • Adds colour - when sugar is heated it turns golden brown, this is called caramelisation
    • Speeds up fermentation -  in bread making
    • Improves/ changes flavour- by removing the sour taste e.g in tomato products




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