Functions and Examples of Proteins in living organisms

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  • Functions and examples of proteins in living organisms
    • Enzymes (Globular Protein)
      • Biological Catalyst
      • E.G. Maltose, Lipase and DNA helicase
    • Haemoglobin (Globular Protein)
      • Binds to and transports oxygen in red blood cells
      • Made of four protein chains joined toghether
    • Hormones (Globular Protein)
      • E.G. Insulin or ADH
      • Chemical messenger carried in blood plasm
    • Muscle Proteins (Fibrous Protein)
      • Actin and Myosin
    • Collagen (Fibrous Protein)
      • Connective tissue E.G. skin and ligiments
      • Triple helix
    • Keratin (Fibrous)
      • Hair and Finger nails
    • Antibodies (Globular)
      • Bonds onto bacteria and viruses
    • Proteins in cell membranes
      • E.G. Carrier proteins


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