Chemistry Revison Topics

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  • Chemistry Revision
    • C1.1 Fundamental Ideas in Chemistry
      • Atoms
      • The Periodic Table
      • Chemical Reactions
    • C1.2 Limestone and Building Materials
      • Calcium Carbonate
    • C1.3 Metals and Their Uses
      • Extracting Metals and making alloys
    • C1.4 Crude Oils and Fuels
      • Seperating Crude oils
      • Hydrocarbons as Fuels
    • C1.5 Useful Substances from Crude Oil
      • Alkenes
      • Polymers and Ethanol
    • C1.6 Plant Oils and Their Uses
      • Vegetable Oils, Emulsions and Hyrdrogenation
    • C1.7 Earth and Atmosphere
      • The Earth's Crust
      • Atmosphere


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