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  • Fundamentalism
    • Theories of why it grows
      • Davie
        • Fundamentalism is not a religious phenomena
          • Shown through political groups
      • Giddens
        • Globalisation has led to the increase because it promotes cosmopolitan values rather than traditional ones
      • Castells
        • Resistance  identity
          • Fundamentalism protects the conservative values which are under threat
        • Project identity
          • Fundamentalism is adopted by those who engage with NAMs in order to promote change
    • Types of fundamentalism - Bruce
      • As a reaction to changes within society
        • New Christian Right formed to combat diversity and maintain traditional gender roles and beliefs.
      • As a reaction to changes from outside forces
        • Iranian Revolution in 1979
          • The Shah was deposed because the public opposed western interests and influence
            • Khomeini made Iran a Sharia law state to combat the westernisation


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