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  • GBH and wounding
    • s18
      • more serious than s20, and can carry life in prison
      • wound or cause GBH to any other person with intent
      • has the same actus resu as s20
      • the d must be proven to indent to cause some GBH
      • intent cannot be found unless the result was a virtual certainity and the D recognised this
        • woolin 1998
    • s20
      • unlawfully and maliciously  inflicting GBH or wounding any other person
        • wounding - to break the continuity of the skin, like a stab in the leg or bone broken that pierces the skin
        • gbh -causing rly serious harm (dpp v smith 1961)
          • s47 injuries can be made s20 if the person is vulnerable (bollom 2004)
      • can have intention or be reckless to the fact serious harm is caused
        • intrention doesnt have to be for really serious harm, can be for some harm
        • can be reckless to the fact that harm would be caused, f the D didnt forsee some harm
          • cunningham 1957, didnt forsee any harm with gas metre
  • actus reus
    • mens rea
    • defintion


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