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  • GBH
    • Actus reus
      • Unlawfully wound or inflict GBH on another person
        • Unlawfully
          • Punishment of a child cannot be lawful for GBH
            • R v Hopley
          • Consent can apply in specific situations, such as sports and surgery
          • Acting in self-defence and crime prevention is lawful, as long as it's proportional
        • Wound
          • A break in the continuity of the skin
          • An internal rupture of blood vessels is not a wound
            • C v Eisenhower
        • Grievous bodily harm
          • Really serious harm
            • DPP v Smith
            • Objectively assessed
              • R v Brown and Stratton
          • Victim's vulnerability is taken into account
            • R v Bollom
          • Includes psychiatric injury
            • R v Burstow
        • Inflict
          • Includes indirect application of force
            • R v Martin
    • Mens rea
      • S.20
        • Intent or reckless as to the causing of some level of harm
          • R v Savage
        • Subjective recklessness applies
          • R v Parmenter
      • S.18
        • Intent to cause GBH
        • Intent to resist arrest


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